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Our everyday Septic Pumping Price is $149.00 for up to 1000 gallon and $249.00 for up to 1500 gallon tank. We have a small dispatch fee of $29.95


At Mr Rooter Plumbing & Septic Blue you, the customer are in total control! No additional work will ever be performed until an Upfront Price is given that you approve before the work begins.

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Septic pumping for up to

1000 gallon tanks including FREE enzyme treatment

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"Mr. Rooter quoted us and came back to complete the service that same day.

The job became way more complicated but he stood by his quote. I would highly recommend this company and their workers."

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What Does our Standard Tank Pump include?

  • Pumping the liquid from the tank per specified gallons.

  • Removal of sludge (solids) up to 12 inches.

  • Up to 18 inches of digging to unearth the tank lid.

  • No environmental fees

  • No additional hose charges  

  • Visual inspection of the Tank & Components to insure they are working properly.

  • Additional charges for additional work may apply.

A septic system has five major components:

  • The mainline (pipe from house to the tank)

  • The septic tank (hold solid matter by way of baffletee’s for only water to pass into the drainfield)

  • The outlet pipe (carries gray water to the drainfield)

  • The drain/leach field (carries gray water for the soil to absorb)

Additional Charges include:

  • In some cases additional work is required to maintain or repair these components. In the event this occurs our trained, licensed technician will go over every detail, give you options and give you an Upfront Price before the work begins.

  • If your tank is deeper than 18 inches below the ground, there may be an additional charge to dig. If your tank access is covered by concrete, a deck, or other obstructions other than grass or dirt, the technician will advise you of the additional cost and given Upfront Price on the cost depending on how long it will take to uncover it.

  • The state of Georgia recommends a Septic Tank be pumped every three-five years.  In most cases, the addition cost is due to Septic Tanks not being pumped on regular bases whereby sludge is allowed to accumulate in the bottom of the septic tank and become solidified. This is called sludge. When this happens additional water has to be added to the tank and special equipment used to break up the solids and sludge, so it can be pumped through the hoses and into the truck. There is an extra cost for the equipment, removal of sludge, time involved and of course an Upfront Price will be given to you.

BEFORE the work begins:


When stoppages occur and the Septic System back up or is no longer operational it may deposit waste in the mainline and /or clogs up different components in the Septic System. Once this happens, in addition to pumping the Septic Tank, drain cleaning is necessary to remove these deposits to restore free flowing of the waste thru the main line and other components.  Once this work is performed we ask our customers to flush their toilets to verify the waste is leaving the home. This is typically performed by hydro jetting at additional charge and an Upfront Price will be given to you BEFORE the work begins.          


When the work has been completed a complete description and detailed invoice will be provided to you.